Hotel bar, lobby and more

Let's have a drink (or two) - that's the motto at our bar. Discover international cocktails, wonderfully fragrant wines from the best vineyards in the world and start a relaxed romantic evening together.

Dark Temptation Hotel Bar

Hold each other’s hands tenderly, breathe in each other’s scent deeply and breathe sweet nothings into each other’s ears in a low voice. In our Dark Temptation Bar we offer you the right ambience and enough space for romantic togetherness. With a cocktail or long drink, you can concentrate fully on your partner and let the day fade away. Our Dark Temptation Bar is the icing on the cake for a beautiful evening for two.

Our hotel bar is open daily from 14:30 to 00:00.

Romantic feelings in the hotel lobby

Right next to the bar you will find our hotel lobby, where you can snuggle into an armchair and enjoy coffee, tea or hot chocolate every day from 10:30 am. Relax while reading the latest newspapers and magazines, choose something from our game showcase.