The Seefeld far from the tourist hotspots

Rediscover the Olympic region

Strolling from the Seekirchl towards the train station while browsing through the shops and boutiques is somehow part of a visit to Seefeld. But it is not always the tourist hotspots, the obvious places, that inspire. Even in Seefeld there are some highlights that still count as insider tips, and rightly so. Sometimes it only takes a small side street to discover the real, traditional Seefeld. Whether you go on a culinary voyage of discovery or opt for special drinks is entirely up to you.

Special things are sometimes very close

Right in Seefeld you will not only find excellent cakes, tarts and other sweet temptations, but also hearty, traditional and hearty food on the plates. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then we don’t want to deprive you of these declarations of love. After all, sometimes a shared meal or a dessert eaten together can be quite romantic in itself and make the sparks fly. Guests of the Gasthof Batzenh√§usl dine in a cosy and traditional atmosphere. Here you can expect not only a genuine Tyrolean atmosphere but also the delicious specialities of the Alpine region. As a customer, you will find romantic togetherness with matching dishes in the Alpenlove Restaurant. For dessert, we recommend a detour to the Alpenlove Brasserie & Bar or the confectionery cafe-restaurant “Am Kurpark”. Here you will find sugary temptations that are very hard to resist.

Liquid love to share

Boring drinks don’t go well with an exciting holiday, but this is another problem we can easily solve in Seefeld. Even though the place is clearly better known for other things than for its unusual drinks, there are some bangers here. Drinks from the Far East that change colour and those that are very well known in the ordinary way but are even more exciting after a slight change – we have the full selection for you. For some ordinary, but for many still very unknown is the gin. Served with lime or a slice of cucumber, it looks very minimalist but hits the full marks in terms of taste. You can sip the next IT drink as sexy as 007. As we all know, secret agent James Bond likes to drink martinis, not only because they look good, but also because they are particularly tasty. We wish you lots of fun, also with the Martini Olive.