Black Crystal Spa

Pure luxury, high-quality ambience, sensual atmosphere – you can experience all this in our Black Crystal Spa. Surrounded by soft points of light reflected from thousands of Swarovski crystals, you can fully concentrate on each other.

Dimmed light, Swarovski crystal lamps embedded in the floor and stylish architecture: In our Black Crystal Spa, cleverly placed accents create a magical feel-good atmosphere – for you!

This is what awaits you in our Black Crystal Spa:

Indoor pool with counter-current system, bubble benches, massage jets, bubble cups and whitewater channel. In addition, you will be thrilled by: lamps embedded in the floor with Swarovski crystals for atmospheric lighting, stylish relaxation room with heated waterbeds and relaxation loungers and our terrace with hot-tub, which is protected from the view.

Look forward to relaxing hours that will remain in your memory for a long time.