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Massages for lovers

... where all your senses are pampered

Romantischer Kuschelurlaub im Alpenhotel

Full body, aroma oil, foot reflexology massage or a combination. In addition to the classical massages we offer many unusual treatments at Alpenhotel …fall in love. Enjoy from head to toe!

Partial body massage for lovers

The partial body massage concentrates on one part of your body – either your back or your legs. You can choose between classical massages and other techniques as well as the intensity – depending on your needs and wishes. The partial body massage is ideal for chronic headache. We recommend a mud bath before the massage, if you have strong muscle tensions.

  • Duration: approx. 25 mins
  • Price: € 55,-

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Full body massage for lovers

The full body massage relaxes your body and mind. We mainly use the classic massage here but reach out to other massage techniques if needed. Tensions and muscle hardenings will be released during this 50 minutes treatment. It can be used for the whole body or concentrated on the back and/or legs.

  • Duration: approx. 50 mins
  • Price: € 90,-

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Aroma oil massage for lovers

Let us spoil you! Fragrances in connection with soft touches and stroking movements will help you relax. Enjoy high quality ethereal aromatic oils with every touch!

  • Duration: approx 50 mins
  • Price: € 109,-

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Foot reflexology massage for lovers

The foot reflexology zone massage is based on the idea that each organ or part of the body corresponds to a specific zone of the sole. The stimulation of this zone during the massage has positive effects on the corresponding organ.

  • Duration: approx. 25 mins
  • Price: € 55,-

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BABOR – relaxing massage for lovers

Let us pamper you with our special relax massage and the unique BODY- SPA-aroma oils by Babor.

  • Duration: approx. 50 mins
  • Price: € 119,-

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“Stressless” massage for lovers

Relax during this head and neck massage and leave the stress behind!

  • Duration: approx. 25 mins
  • Price: € 55,-

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Sport massage for lovers

This stronger massage is perfect for tensed muscles and will loosen them after training units, support the regeneration after injuries and relax you after competitions. We recommend this massage especially during advanced training, before sporting activities or after a long hiking tour.

  • Duration: approx. 25 mins
  • Price: € 55,-

holiday request

Massage mix – Foot reflexology & partial body massage for lovers

Foot reflexology and partial body massage – the healthy mix for relaxing and positive stimulation!

  • Duration: approx. 50 mins
  • Price: € 99,-

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Honey massage for lovers

This massage will harmonize your aura. It has its origins in the Russian and Tibetan natural healing and a cleansing effect. The honey is applied and massaged into the back. The various honey ingredients find their way deep into the skin and help purifying the tissue. The honey massage will balance your energies and have positive effects on your nervous and immune system.

  • Duration: approx. 50 mins
  • Price: € 109,-

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Hot chocolate massage for lovers

The sweet temptation! Enjoy wellness with the best ingredients of the cocoa bean. Relax your body and soul during a massage with high-quality chocolate oil. A special treatment for you skin!

  • Duration: approx. 50 mins
  • Price: € 109,-

holiday request


Hot mango massage for lovers

Enjoy the soft feeling on your skin and the unique and fresh exotic scent of the mango.

  • Duration: approx. 50 mins
  • Price: € 109,-

holiday request


Spa around the world – Pantai Luar® for lovers

Pantai Luar means “on new shores”. This is an old east Asian massage technique and an amazing experience. At the beginning of the treatment the body is oiled with fragrant and warm oils. Afterwards the body is treated with individually made, hot herbal stamps. The treatment is finished with calm and relaxing massage movements.

  • Duration: approx. 60 mins
  • Price: € 149,-

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Guest Testimonials

What guests say about us

Beautiful hotel! Absolutely recommendable!

Barbara | |

Perfect wellness hotel!

Philipp | |

Great hotel for a short time-out

Johannes7 | |

Friendly and clean hotel

Ernst | |

Service by all staff members is great

Hildegard | |

Beautiful hotel for couples to relax

Ines | |

Great wellness hotel in a great location

Sarah | |

Friendly hotel for relaxed hours for two

Angelika | |

Hotel in the centre with exquisite food

Erwin | |


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