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Expert on romance Kerstin interviewed

A lot of passion for Alpenlove

Kerstin Kaltschmid - Alpenlove

Kerstin Kaltschmid has been an important part of the Kaltschmid team since 2007. First she was head of discos, later she was responsible for the lobby desk at Wellnesshotel Schönruh. After three months of maternity leave in 2011 she opened the booking office and a year later, in December 2012, she opened Alpenhotel… fall in Love, which she manages with her husband – with a lot of passion, as she told us in her interview.


Kerstin, why did you choose manage Alpenlove above all else?

I didn’t have a choice 😉 Seriously though: Alpenlove is my Baby, my concept, my idea. Everything I like I just can apply to this house and my husband and I, we do this with a lot of love and dedication.

Is work particularly exciting here?

Very much so! And very emotional too! It is our hotel after all. We work here, live here and we make our dreams come true. Like always in tourism it can be stressful and slap on your energy but it is also very fulfilling. We just love our guest to enjoy their stay at our hotel. We like to modify and rebuild the spaces to make everything better. We have put in a lot of effort and time in all different areas. 2017 brings a new construction and we have to adapt our rustic rooms. After that our Alpenlove will be almost “finished” – even though we will never really stop.

What kind of guests visit Alpenlove? Are they somehow different from guests in other hotels?

Alpenlove hosts young guests above all and many of them are from Seefeld and the surrounding area. We are happy to have that many locals from Tyrol and Vorarlberg. That usually doesn’t happen in other hotels. This means of course that we have fewer international guests and mainly German speaking clients. Our opening schedule differs from other hotels as well: our hotel is open in autumn and spring while we take a break during the summer.

Which occasions do your guests visit for?

That of course we can’t tell 😉 Each of our guests can decide upon check in, if they stayed at our hotel at all. Discretion is our top priority. We host a lot of young couples and wellness lovers. In summer and winter also our strategic location and infrastructure of Seefeld is a compelling argument for our hotel!

Which is more romantic: summer or winter?

I personally think winter is more romantic. In December the christmas markets are basically on our doorstep. Carriage rides in the snow, candles and champaign when nightfall is early, fireworks and festivals whilst you are cuddling up under cozy blankets in cold winter nights.
Summer has a special flair too. Romantic walks in the woods, picnics at the lake, evenings in the cabin or bike tours for two. There is a huge variety of things to do and usually the stay is too short to get even close to exploring everything. 

Which is the most popular service in your hotel?

Our private spas are extremely popular with couples who want to spend their spa day in privacy. Our marriage proposal planning has excellent resonance with many as well. The initial anxiety is easier to overcome when you have partners in crime and we are happy to say, we had quite a couple of ‘Yes” at Alpenlove. 

Let’s conclude with something more spicey: Tell us, what kind of erotic/spicey things have already happened in your hotel?

Each guest is entitled to their very own romantic moment.Our supply offers something for every taste, ranging from culinary experiences for two, cuddly romance at the spa, partner massages for ultimate relaxation or laughing/crying/being scared together at one of our 3D movies in our Love-theater! Every moment can be made special. Naturally we also offer a supply of erotic delicacies and ideas. Our motto is: explore something new.
As already mentioned discretion is very important to us. We are happy for our guests if they leave our house with a smile on our face. How the smile gets there is for everybody to find out individually 😉

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Beautiful hotel! Absolutely recommendable!

Barbara | |

Perfect wellness hotel!

Philipp | |

Great hotel for a short time-out

Johannes7 | |

Friendly and clean hotel

Ernst | |

Service by all staff members is great

Hildegard | |

Beautiful hotel for couples to relax

Ines | |

Great wellness hotel in a great location

Sarah | |

Friendly hotel for relaxed hours for two

Angelika | |

Hotel in the centre with exquisite food

Erwin | |


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